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Timothy Magazine Martin Luther 
The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer
Erstmals als englische Ausgabe! 

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Auch als deutsche Ausgabe HIER erhältlich.

Excerpt from the Preface

"I have no idea what to do with Martin Luther."

That was my first thought when Stephen McCaskell pitched me on the idea of writing the follow-up to The Eyes of Spurgeon. Now, don't get me wrong: Luther fascinates me. But he frustrates me, too. What could I do with him? One thing: tell the truth.

Luther cannot be considered mild-tempered. Nor could you call him moderate in his positions. He was, for lack of a better term, an extremist. As a monk, he fully investing himself in the monastic life, but it failed to provide him the peace he desperately sought. As a reformer, he invested himself in proclaiming the gospel and the centrality of justification by faith alone. His soul found rest, but his life was marked with conflict until the end of his days.

This part of him, I understand. He was committed to his cause. He was pursuing his God with all his might. He saw prayer as the most important activity of each day - and actually prayed like it! ...

But as grateful as I am for him, there is much about him that troubles me. He was belligerent and prone to anger (though not without cause in many instances). He was often quite divisive, particularly when he, as Carl Trueman said during his interview for LUTHER, caught hold of »the wrong end of the argument«. ...


  • Aaron Armstrong: Holding the German Reformer in Tension.
  • R.C. Sproul: Luther and the Life of the Pastor-Theologian
  • Raphael Schuster: How Luther helpd us to read the Bible.
  • Simon Meyer: Luther an the Bondage of the Will.
  • Andreas Münch: Luther and the Old Testament
  • Brendal McCaskell: LUTHER  - Behind the Scenes
  • Stephen McCaskell: Interview with Barry Cooper
  • Brendal McCaskell: Interview with Stephen McCaskell

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